Our Board of Directors is a select group of smart, accomplished individuals that play a critical leadership role in our work. The board is comprised of corporate leaders, experts, and inspiring thinkers who help define goals and steer FACES SF’s strategic plan. They have a deep, personal commitment to the mission of FACES SF and together with staff, they work to build better futures for children and their families.

Leon Mwotia

Board Chair | Apple
Leon is an accomplished manager with over 10 years of strategy and operations experience at fast-growing marketplace companies and is currently a Lead in Payments Marketing at Apple. He possesses deep functional expertise in International Expansion, Strategic Initiatives and reimagining the Customer Experience. He moved to San Francisco in late 2016 and has been enamored by the city ever since. Working as a Member of the Board of Directors of FacesSF is his way of celebrating this city, its wonderful inhabitants and making San Francisco a fairer more hospitable place for all her citizens.

LiAnna Davis

Board Secretary | Wiki Education
LiAnna brings more than a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector to her role as board member of FACES SF. In her day job as Chief Programs Officer and Deputy Director for Wiki Education, she oversees all programmatic activity, including development, implementation, and evaluation. As the mother of young twins, LiAnna is deeply committed to FACES SF's work to support San Francisco families.

Rita Lee

Treasurer | Brouwer & Janachowski LLC
Rita is an investment manager and wealth advisor spending the past 20 years helping clients reach their financial goals at every stage of their lives. Her clients include corporations, business owners, professionals, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Some of her biggest fans are those who've benefited from her divorce expertise, where her warmth and thoughtfulness have brought much to calm fraught situations. Rita believes that making deliberate and informed financial decisions sets the foundation for long-term success. Therefore she is a big proponent of teaching the younger generation to form healthy financial habits. Rita has lived in San Francisco for more than two decades. During this time, she has observed several boom/bust cycles. Keeping the city a livable one is a high priority for her. The mission of FACES to provide quality childcare and early childhood education, holistic family support and workforce development redevelopment aligns very well with Rita's values.

Alexia dePottere-Smith

Board Member | Center for Resource Solutions
Alexia is General Counsel at Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a San Francisco-based nonprofit that creates policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy worldwide. For more than a decade, she practiced law at Covington & Burling LLP, helping clients advance their commercial and policy objectives, while minimizing legal and reputational risks and maximizing asset recovery. Alexia is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and was a resident of the city of San Francisco for almost a decade. Alexia joined the FACES SF Board in 2014 after becoming a parent and recognizing that quality, affordable childcare is essential for working families to stay and thrive in San Francisco.

Harit Agroia

Board Member
Dr. Harit Agroia comes to FACES SF with over a decade of well-rounded experience in infectious disease program planning, research and evaluation within government and non-profit organizations. She currently directs the Clinical Expansions, Policy and Planning (CEPP) branch at a local Health Department and serves as a Faculty Member in higher education. Dr. Agroia holds a Doctorate and Masters in Public Health and is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist. A Bay Area native, she is passionate about improving health outcomes and overall quality of life for children and families through health education, safety net programs, and policy advocacy. 

Join Us!

Responsibilities of a board member include:
2 or 3-year term commitment, attend quarterly meetings, serve on a Board sub-committee, such as the Finance, Development or Governance Committees, and be an active participant in fundraising events. If this sounds like an opportunity that you would like to explore, please email for more information.