Sunshine Ordinance

As a nonprofit organization doing business with the City and County of San Francisco, FACES SF complies with the Nonprofit Public Access Ordinance (Sunshine Ordinance).

FY 2023-2024 Board Meeting Dates
Non-Profit Public Access Ordinance Procedures 



Two (2) of the regular, monthly board meetings will be open to the public—generally, one in the Fall and the other in the Winter. Public guests will be allowed to address the board in a portion of the meeting specially-designated for public comment. 

Notification of open board meetings for posting will be sent to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Public Library at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting by the Operations Manager. Information about open meetings—date, time and venue—is also available by request, also through the Operations Manager. Documentation of public notification will be included as exhibits in the Board packet. 


Members of the public may request to inspect and copy documents regarding FACES SF’s most recent budget, most recent tax return, and financial audits or performance evaluations completed in the last two (2) years by or for the City, as long as the City has not designated them as confidential. Requests for access to these documents can be made to the Chief Operating Officer. Requests can only be filled during regular business hours of FACES SF and will be responded within 10 business days. A member of the public may request additional financial information other than that described above; however, the provision of such additional financial information by a nonprofit organization shall be voluntary, not compulsory. A member of the public who requests additional financial information other than that described above, or who has a complaint concerning a nonprofit organization’s compliance or noncompliance with this section, may submit that request or complaint to the City agency or department which is a party to and/or which administers the nonprofit organization’s contract. That City agency or department shall consider the request or complaint and shall recommend a resolution thereof in accordance with procedures established by that City agency or department. 

Under the California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, some records are exempt from disclosure. Examples of records that do not have to be disclosed are: 

  • Personnel records
  • Medical records
  • Home telephone numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Documents that are subject to the attorney client privilege
  • Trade secrets
  • Documents protected from disclosure by the State Constitutional Right to Privacy
  • Certain law enforcement records
  • Records protected from disclosure by state and federal laws


Any withholding of information shall be justified, in writing, as follows: 

Justification for withholding these documents from public viewing is to protect individual confidentiality and trade secrets as permissible under federal and state laws. 


Members of the public may file a complaint with the City department FACES SF contracts with— the Sunshine Ordinance Taskforce—if there are any suspected breaches in compliance with this ordinance. Complaints will also be reviewed by the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force and the Board of Supervisors.