FACES SF is a proud San Francisco institution with a 170-year history of serving San Francisco’s most disadvantaged children and families. We represent the combined legacies of Florence Crittenton Services and Whitney Young Child Development Center, two longstanding San Francisco non-profits. Together they formed FACES SF and we proudly continue their crucial services today.


FACES SF was founded on July 1, 2011, and from the beginning championed a holistic approach to serving San Francisco communities! In the first year the Masonic site preschool program earned the coveted ‘Preschool For All’ standing with the City of San Francisco.

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In 2013, FACES SF improved the afterschool enrichment program by increasing educational field trips and refining the curriculum, and increased the size of workforce program, moving offices to the Visitacion Valley Community Resource Center.


In 2012, FACES SF augmented its programs: the Bayview child development center attained ‘Preschool For All’ standing, increased enrollment by 15%, and FACES SF also partnered with the City of San Francisco to direct a Neighborhood Access Point.


In 2014 and 2015, FACES SF developed their collaborations, working with playground builder KaBOOM!, gaming company Zynga, the City of San Francisco and members of the Bayview community to build a new playground and Outdoor Learning Center at the Bayview site.


Today, FACES SF continues to grow and develop, ensuring to nurture, teach, and empower San Francisco's underserved children and families to transform their lives.

Our Legacy

Florence Crittenton Services

Charles N. Crittenton established Florence Crittenton Services (FCS) in 1882 after the death of his daughter, Florence, to scarlet fever. Crittenton was devastated by the loss, and it was this grief that led him to establish Florence Crittenton Services. Though a tragic beginning, Florence Crittenton Services has been an invaluable service for women ever since, providing crucial and tangible support to women across the United States. In 1890, Crittenton founded a FCS home in San Francisco. The aid offered by FCS has evolved with the era and needs of women: at its conception FCS predominantly focused on the ‘redemption’ of women who had children out of marriage. As society evolved, FCS adjusted its emphasis and by the 1960s the Florence Crittenton Mission worked with teenage mothers, studying trends in unplanned and adolescent pregnancies. By 2004, the FCS in San Francisco provided a wide variety of services including childcare, job development, and family services and referrals. It is this legacy that FACES SF is proud to continue.

Whitney Young Child Development Center

The Whitney Young Child Development Center (WYCDC) was established in 1953 and chartered in 1958. Originally known as the Christian Welfare Society, it was founded by Rosie Lee Williams, a local San Franciscan who recognized the need for greater support in the Bayview Hunters Point area for low-income families. WYCDC provided licensed full-day childcare for toddler and preschool children of working parents, and half-day enrichment for K-6th graders. In 1977, under the leadership of Careth B. Reid, the organization changed its name to Whitney Young Child Development Center. WYCDC developed a reputation for providing excellent child care and a stellar education, having specialists, artists, and therapists, on staff. In 1999, WYCDC expanded and moved into the ‘Mansion’ in Haight Ashbury and able to provide more families with comprehensive child development services, including child care for 3-5-year-old children.

Both FCS and WYCDC make their mark on San Francisco communities, creating a legacy that continues this day through FACES SF, ensuring that all children and families are able to groq and develop to their fullest potential.