FACES SF Family Support Program is a family centric program with the objective to strengthen San Francisco families and communities, delivering activities and services that promote wellness, development, and stability. Our holistic approach at FACES SF gives us the unique opportunity to positively impact the early lives of our students and support our families. Our services are offered at all of our child development locations, and our experienced staff ensure outstanding program quality and outcomes.Our team consists of mental health professionals, an outreach and advocacy coordinator, and child development specialists, designed to empower and support our youth and families.

Services Offered

Parent/Caregiver Support

We focus on child development and parenting skills by giving families access to parent/child activities and interactive tools such as support groups, adult/child playgroups, and parent education programs and workshops.

Counseling Services

We practice diverse therapeutic approaches in case management and counseling for children and families. Evidence-based practices, such as play therapy, art therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness-based techniques are used to address crises and build on the skills of our youth and families.

Community Connections
and Family Engagement

Our program creates a supportive network, assisting with problem-solving skills, and improves communication skills by offering referrals, parent leadership activities, and family and community workshops.

Formal Support

Through FACES SF, families have access to a neighborhood network of formal and informal supports for their own and for their child’s well being at all stages of development. This includes case management, family advocacy, special needs referrals, health screenings, food pantry, and workforce assistance.