“Strengthening our communities.”

- Mayor Ed Lee

Since 2004, our Workforce Program has been assisting San Franciscans and Bay Area residents in acquiring the skills they need to enter the workforce or advance their careers. Our program is located in Visitacion Valley and we strive to bridge the gap between the job seeker and local companies looking for qualified candidates. We provide resume assistance, job search workshops, computer access, job leads, scheduled hiring events and job fairs, and Covid assistance. FACES SF has language capacity in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Services Offered

Outreach & Recruitment

At FACES SF, we make a dedicated effort to reach out to the community and inform people of the services that we provide. Our outreach techniques include email blasts, social media, brochures, speakers, orientations, and ads. We also partner with other agencies and programs in the community to ensure our clients the best opportunity to become job-ready.

Orientation & Assessment

Our clients go through an initial intake and assessment process that includes career advising, individual employment plans, and placement assistance. For each client, the staff at FACES SF will take time to explain services provided through the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and all other OEWD-funded programs.

Job Search, Placement & Retention Services

Our career advisors assist job-ready clients in their job search and guide them to relevant positions. The FACES SF staff provides follow-up and retention services for up to 12 months after successful placement into employment. These services include identifying and addressing barriers that may jeopardize the client’s new employment.

Career Advising

Our staff provides integrated services to all individuals through a qualified career advisor. FACES SF career advisors coordinate, implement, and review services to support our clients’ needs. Key responsibilities include tracking client progress, assisting clients in removing barriers to success, providing career and motivational coaching, advocating on behalf of the client, and referring the client to other resources that can meet needs that are identified.

Job Readiness

The job readiness training process at FACES SF includes reviewing and revising resumes and cover letters as well as conducting interview workshops featuring one-on-one mock interviews. We provide supportive services administered by OEWD and implemented at VVJC, as well as assistance with background checks through coaching and suggestions on how to obtain necessary documentation.

Referral Services

FACES SF refers candidates to barrier removal services specific to their needs, including substance abuse counseling, mental health services, child care, housing, and industry sector training academies. It is through our extensive knowledge of San Francisco programs and services that FACES SF staff can guide our clients in the right direction.

Job Seekers
Services Offered - Outreach and Recruitment - Orientation and Assessment -Referral Services -Career Advising - Jobs Readiness Training - Job Search, Placement and Retention Services
Career Fair Events
We provide employers with a variety of employment assistance, such as recruitment, application screening, and facilities to conduct hiring fairs and interviews.
Programs & Trainings
- Hope SF (Locked Tight) - Dream Keeper Fatherhood Program - Covid Assistance - City Drive - SCDC Workforce Referral Program - JJVC - CPMC

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Our Team

Susan Murphy
Executive Workforce Director  
t: (415) 239-8705 Ext.181
Roynika Hannah 
Deputy Workforce Director
t: (415) 239-8705 Ext. 182
 Kayla Wu
Data Analyst
t: (415) 239-8705 Ext. 184
Andrea Smith 
Career Advisor II
t: (415) 239-8705 Ext.187
LaRenda Cade 
Career Advisor II 
t: (415) 239-8705 Ext. 186

Contact Us:

Visitacion Valley Job center
1099 Sunnydale Ave, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94134
t(415) 239-8705 
f:(415) 239-8700

Drop-in Hours

Computers & Printing Available
Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 4:30pm & Friday 9:00am – 11:30pm.